Wonderful | Sara Island | Talaud

The rise of North Sulawesi tourism in the era of Olly-Steven (OD.SK) leadership has proved that tourism is the fastest and cheaper sector fighting unemployment and even poverty as well as the powerful motor of the region's economic progress.

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Talaud regency as the northernmost district bordering the southern Philippines, is one of the areas in North Sulawesi that is aware of the great impact of tourism progress in North Sulawesi.

Therefore, the area that is currently successfully led by Regent Sri Wahyuni Maria Manalip is then marked the rise of tourism in the region through the packaging of international tour packages
"Sara Island Festival,
Enchantment Tour Talaud "in July 2017 later.
Info : Call Dino Gobel, +62 81243502266
This festival will be launched on Saturday 10 June 2017 at 16.00 tomorrow afternoon.
The location of the event will be centered in Manado Town Square's car park