Your New Destination | Indonesia

ASIA BANGET - Raja Ampat Located in Indonesia’s West Papua Province, the Raja Ampat Archipelago is at the heart of the most biodiverse marine region on Earth—the Coral Triangle. 

Largely unexplored by scientists until recently, new marine species are being discovered here on a regular basis. Coral reefs in Raja Ampat are not only the world’s most biodiverse, but they are also some of the most pristine. More than 500 species of coral and more than 1,300 species of fish have been recorded here.Our trip takes you on an exploration of this remote archipelago aboard a 112-foot motored schooner. Selecting ideal snorkeling sites daily, we will immerse ourselves in diverse and unique marine habitats, exploring multiple islands. 

Morning excursions will provide opportunities to see the equally diverse bird life, including the magnificent Red Bird of Paradise, Kingfishers, and Sea Eagles.We snorkel along mushroom-shaped rock islands, which harbor miles of hard and soft corals. In addition to snorkeling in aquamarine waters, we also explore some of the larger islands of the region including Waigeo whose lush green forest is inhabited by many varieties of bird and animal life. 

We enjoy strolling along white sand beaches, and at Gam Island there is a possibility to see the magnificent Bird of Paradise.With daily diverse snorkeling opportunities, combined with a mix of island exploration, this is one of the best remote snorkeling expeditions possible.