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Palu City is also has potential things in culture and tourism as other areas in Indonesia. Looking from the geographical and topography, Palu is known as the city of valley. This is a three-dimensional city whose territory consists of coastal beaches, plains, and hills. Hence, most foreign tourists who have visited this area in Palu called this city as “the paradise under the equator” or heaven below the equator.

According to its geographical characteristics, tourism objects in Palu, consist of of beach tourism, valley / plains tourism and hilly tourism. While, the potential tourism from the Gulf coast that extends from the region of Palu Barat, Palu East, to the North, is very suitable to be developed as marine tourism area.

There is also historical and religious site that worth to be explore like Banua Oge or Sou King, Tomb of Dato Karama, Education Complex Alkhairaat, The Grave of Pue Njidi , Dayo Mpoluku, and so on. In hilly areas such as New Ngata, Padanjese, Bangalana, and others, can also become a beautiful natural sights. Others are, Lore Lindu national park, Lindu lake, Dombu, Tanjung Karang beach and Enu beach.

Palu Culinary:

UTA KELO (kelor leaf vegetable): Uta kelo * or known as kelor vegetable. This culinary ranks first in every joint of people's life in Palu City, especially To Kaili. How not, vegetable kelor is one of the symbols for the Kaili tribe. Even if the Palu people say, anyone who has ever eaten this leaf kelor vegetables, would someday be coming back to Palu.

The hammer has a way and special recipe in processing the leaves of kelor into a super delicious side dish. More delicious again if the vegetable leaves kelor is cooked with coconut milk, then spiced a little spicy and mixed with dried shrimp or fish rono (teri). Surely you will be addicted and add portions to eat.

KALEDO : The Leg of Donggala Cow, is a traditional cuisine typical of Palu City, as well as a special meal menu. Kaledo Palu is a type of soup that uses the typical racik spice To Kaili. It tastes fresh, delicious, and delicious.

Kaledo made from main, among others, beef, bovine leg bone, and spices. Nutrient content? Do not ask again. Protein in beef, iron, vitamin B complex, zinc or zinc, omega 3, and selenium. All these nutrients are needed by our body. Merging ingredients and herbs typical of people Palu, spices soak up into the dish, creating a craving into a delicious menu of dishes to eat.

PALUMARA: "Do not confess to Palu people if they are not good at making Palumara." That's about Palu people. Culinary this one is no less delicious with previous culinary-culinary. Palumara is a typical fish soup Palu. This palumara sauce tastes sour and spicy. Sour taste is produced from young acids, which is used as the main ingredients. While the spicy flavor is produced from curly peppers.

Palumara is always sticky in the hearts of the Palu people. If you already feel the pleasure of this culinary, then be prepared to be part of the community of Palu City.

LABIA DANGE (Sago Dange): If you visit Palu City, then go to the Yellow Bridge, then continue to the park, you will find a special view of Palu City while enjoying this culinary. There lined up the mothers with stoves and woks made of clay, with a small business in plowing culinary Labia dange. You just have to wait no more than five minutes, and you can already enjoy this processed sago food.

Sago dange flavor that is somewhat typical, cooked on a pan and a clay stove. This culinary offers its own pleasure in the tourists tongue. Therefore, sago dange is other than processed with brown sugar, can also be processed with fish. No need to spend a lot of money. Only with five thousand rupiah, you can already enjoy this sago dange dish.

KAPURUNG: Actually comes from South Sulawesi, because, these two areas are still fairly close together, but kapurung also become one of the target tourists who visit to Palu. Kapurung is a dish made from basic ingredients sago, processed by stirring sago in hot water until thickened resembling glue paper. How to enjoy this culinary is

Place the sago balls in a bowl, put the mixture of boiled vegetables, sprinkle with fish broth and garnished with tomato slices on top, then shredded mango and boiled shrimp and, Kapurung is ready to be enjoyed.

For you culinary hunters, we recommend to visit the city of Palu. Palu city in addition to known as the City of a million myths, is also a culinary paradise.